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Courtyard Chatter
Montar_ 8/16/2015 6:57 PM
We are back!

There’s something happening here.

What it is ain’t exactly clear...



Other Guild News

A new start, or is it....

Montar_, Aug 16, 15 6:28 PM.
As the players behind House Solaris still meet irl.

Two old members, Alrina and Montar, has rebooted the guild and several older Solarians are now drifting back into the RP world of Azeroth.

The Guild has moved from The Venture Co to Argent Dawn, and to show that it is a fresh start, the Guild has changed its name to:

And as such, a new story may begin.

Old Solarians can get on AD and contact either Alrina or Montar to get more information.
This site might be rewamped into the "new" Solaris, or we will simply make a fresh portal leaving a link here, and keep this one as part of out Archive.

PS: The time since "House Solaris" was disbanded/set on hold, until we now start "Solaris Novitas" was 6½ years. Yet a lot of us still meet irl and have fun, now THAT's friendship to me.

Guild Disband (almost)

Montar_, Feb 1, 09 2:29 PM.
Sadly it has been decided to "disband" the guild IC wise.
(Hecatea keeps the Guildname in the hope we might ressurect the house sometime in the future)

As of February 1st. 2009, House Solaris has IC gone into hiding, too few members of the house made it an unsafe place to be, and therefore it was decided to lay down the tabards and seek out other places.

Guild Matriarch Hecatea took the difficult task of informing her guildmembers, and it was a sad moment when the announcement was made.

Hereby ends the days of House Solaris... for now.
A Guild who was first formed as <House of Solaris> around the Beta of WoW.

Veritas Solaris, you did well.

These forums will remain as a place for all former Solarians to keep in contact (AND to plan for future IRL meetings/parties),
if you need access just contact Montar either via guildportal mail, or poke me inside Azeroth and beyond.

Summer Holidays

Hecatea, May 29, 08 4:51 PM.
Summer is upon us, and with it the temptations of the outdoors. Based on prior experience, this will mean less gametime for a lot of players, and thus a time when the House will seem somewhat abandoned. This time, it is not only the Summer that keeps players away, but no matter what, I know the House will grow strong again once the nights grow long and the temperatures drop.

I will strive to clean up the homepage for outdated posts and rules, etc, during the holidays so that we may meet the Autumn and Winter with a clean slate and an updated homepage.

Also, when the Holidays are over, and I have a better view on how many members that have decided to stay, I will launch a new recruitment campaign to boost our numbers once more, probably lowering our lvl demands to lvl 20 or 30 instead of the present 40, and may even allow alts -if- they prove themselves active enough.

But all of this will be further discussed once the holidays are over.

For now, I hope all of you will have a great Summer with lots of great experiences and loads of fun!!


DD aka Hecatea Shani'Hierazai
Matriarch of House Solaris
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